What If your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend's Boyfriend?

Can I be honest with you all and not get rocks thrown at me? Yes? OK, I read more lovey-dovey novels than anything else. Sue me for poor taste; I would gladly settle that out of court. 
Something Like Fate is one of those books. Lani, a smart, loyal and cautious best friend jumps in head first into a relationship with none other than her best friend, Erin’s boyfriend. When I first picked up this book my first thought was; scandalous and Lani is a five letter word starting with a “B”. But after I did my random page check (anybody remember those from elementary school) I fell in love with Lani’s guilt and torn thoughts.

When Lani and Jason meet she sees a spark and knows immediately that it’s wrong but it doesn’t stop her from falling for him. After Erin conveniently goes off to summer camp, Jason and Lani start growing closer, causing Lani to become worried. She chalks it up as fate and every other superstitious or factious reasoning. It works for a while too until Erin comes home from camp and discovers their dirty little secret. But here’s the catch; when Erin comes home Jason and her are no longer together. He broke up with her for Lani. Lani and Erin go through what most BFF’s would if they just stole your boyfriend. And in the end they all end up happy, in a strange teenager way.

I enjoyed this book more than I did the first time I read it (this was the second time). I’ve got a sore spot for romance novels and I’ve read enough to say that this one was sweet like candy. I recommend this to anyone who’s OK with sappy, heart tearing, teenage love.

PS. The Author is Susane Colasanti and you can read a expert here
xoxo Jess. 

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