Friendship Day

Yesterday was National Friendship Day and I have three close friends that I think of Melissa a girl I met a few days before first grade, Moe a girl I've known since kindergarten and Anissa a girl I met in second grade. Today Anissa and I hung out and let me tell you I missed her a bunch. We weren't in any classes together our first year of high school, so the only time we saw each other was Tuesday night dance class when all I wanted to do was practice Acro. Suffice to say we haven't seen each other in forever. And I personally missed her, she's a bundle of laughs. 

I'm Wearing: Top and Tank Top: Hollister Shorts: Target Shoes: Bargain Shop in Canada
I'm Wearing: Lace Tank Top: Charlotte Russe Tank Top and Shorts: Target Shoes and Socks: Payless
Today I found out that yesterday was National Friendship Day from my friend. Jessica and I have been friends since second grade. We've been friends ever since but this past year, our Freshman year in high school, we didn't have classes together. Luckily we dance with each other, but that was the only time I was able to see her. Needless to say I was super excited when she asked me to hang out. I'm glad we were actually able to hang out for once, since it has been so long. -Anissa
Have a great Monday. What did you do for Friendship Day? (If of course you knew about it.)  xoxo Jess.

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