Fall Transitions.

With fall right around the corner I'm getting sad that some of my favorite summer pieces have to go on the back burner until next year. Don't get me wrong I love fall and all the weather it brings but summer and I have a very very deep bond while autumn and I have a very unhealthy love hate thing going on. (I've never said fall is my favorite season, I've said it's one of my favorites.)

I think that's what brought on this giant does of window shopping that I've been indulging in lately. I keep falling back on some of my summer dresses and skirts thinking how can I take you into fall with me? Fall has a very specific color story that is very different from summer so it can be hard but I think I found a few ways that I might be able to pull of summer-y things a little while longer. 

 I love floral dresses no matter what time of year. Adding a cardigan within the fall color story makes your summer dress flow into autumn seamlessly. Add some chestnut brown booties or heels and you've got yourself a killer autumn outfit.

 Like most people when fall comes around I pull out a sweater or two. With this look if you wear a flowy skirt in the mustard, maroon or navy blue you can keep the summery feel while still embracing fall. With any skirt I think flats are a safe bet but if you want a little heel add a little bootie to your feet. I personally like matching my shoes to my the color or texture of my top.
This transition tip is something I touched on in Crisp & Clean. If you have a light, lace longer sleeved dress you can stick some chestnut boots underneath and create this very beautiful yet rustic feel.
 My Personal Fashion Tip #1: Wear shorter boots with longer dresses. For me, I've found that longer hem lines with shorter boots keep a conservative look.
 My Personal Fashion Tip #2: Please don't wear your everyday UGG's with theses. You can wear UGGs just not your everyday to day ones. They tend to become dingy and worn very fast. I personally love these ones

What are you favorite fall transition tip? I think I love the sweater & a skirt tip the most. Have a great Wednesday. -Jess. 

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