30 for 30

(This is a long winded post. If you just want the juicy details read the second paragraph and my lovely list.) 

Woohoo! School starts in uhh… I actually don’t know how many days school starts in. ha. I’m terrible, right? I have a good reason though; my school hasn’t sent our schedules out. Well that may not be true, I just might not have received anything yet! Which I haven’t. 

In a twisted, tilt your head to the right squint your left eye and close the other one way that’s the topic of this post. With back to school times there comes back to school clothes shopping. While my mother hates back to school shopping (no she just hates shopping in general), I love it. I love seeing all the fall colors come out and I love the smell of new clothes in my closet. (I actually don’t know what that smells like to be honest. I rarely sniff my closet!) I love shopping and unfortunately my wallet does not. Because of this I find myself wearing the same outfit 50+ times. It’s a little funny; I think that’s why I post outfit post only 2-4 times a month right now.

Out of that little rambling session I hope you got the main things I was trying to get across; I shop wayyyy too much, I wear the same outfit too many times and I have way too many pieces that are un-touched in my closet. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to participate in my own little 30 for 30 challenge. For those of you who don’t know what that is I’ll give you a little briefing; you take 30 pieces of clothing (I’m counting shoes but not any other accessories) and create 30 outfits. The main goal of this (for me) is to see that I can remix 30 pieces 30 different ways and stay within my own style profile.

 I’m starting this little shin-dig on September 5th, my first day of school. (While writing this I looked up the date on the school website.) 

My guidelines (They aren’t rules, just guidelines, stepping stones leading the way):

1. Take 30 pieces of clothing and make 30 outfits. NO REPEATING!

2. Shoes count. Other accessories don’t.

That’s it. Actually those are all I can think of. If I have to I’ll update this blog post with more guidelines. And a little reminder to myself; Jessica, you can’t fail, you will be able to do this and most of all keep your chin up!

If you’re going back to school and find yourself in the same rut I have. I challenge you to take the challenge with me but make sure to drum to your own beat. On the 3rd I’ll share everything I’m using for the challenge. xoxo Jess. 

Note: I won't be posting every single outfit but I will post 2-3 outfits per week depending on the week. (Think M,W,F one week T,T the next.)

This girl is inspiration behind the challenge. (She started it a few years back.) PS. Her blog is Ah-mazing and her style is too! 

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