30 for 30

(This is a long winded post. If you just want the juicy details read the second paragraph and my lovely list.) 

Woohoo! School starts in uhh… I actually don’t know how many days school starts in. ha. I’m terrible, right? I have a good reason though; my school hasn’t sent our schedules out. Well that may not be true, I just might not have received anything yet! Which I haven’t. 

In a twisted, tilt your head to the right squint your left eye and close the other one way that’s the topic of this post. With back to school times there comes back to school clothes shopping. While my mother hates back to school shopping (no she just hates shopping in general), I love it. I love seeing all the fall colors come out and I love the smell of new clothes in my closet. (I actually don’t know what that smells like to be honest. I rarely sniff my closet!) I love shopping and unfortunately my wallet does not. Because of this I find myself wearing the same outfit 50+ times. It’s a little funny; I think that’s why I post outfit post only 2-4 times a month right now.

Out of that little rambling session I hope you got the main things I was trying to get across; I shop wayyyy too much, I wear the same outfit too many times and I have way too many pieces that are un-touched in my closet. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to participate in my own little 30 for 30 challenge. For those of you who don’t know what that is I’ll give you a little briefing; you take 30 pieces of clothing (I’m counting shoes but not any other accessories) and create 30 outfits. The main goal of this (for me) is to see that I can remix 30 pieces 30 different ways and stay within my own style profile.

 I’m starting this little shin-dig on September 5th, my first day of school. (While writing this I looked up the date on the school website.) 

My guidelines (They aren’t rules, just guidelines, stepping stones leading the way):

1. Take 30 pieces of clothing and make 30 outfits. NO REPEATING!

2. Shoes count. Other accessories don’t.

That’s it. Actually those are all I can think of. If I have to I’ll update this blog post with more guidelines. And a little reminder to myself; Jessica, you can’t fail, you will be able to do this and most of all keep your chin up!

If you’re going back to school and find yourself in the same rut I have. I challenge you to take the challenge with me but make sure to drum to your own beat. On the 3rd I’ll share everything I’m using for the challenge. xoxo Jess. 

Note: I won't be posting every single outfit but I will post 2-3 outfits per week depending on the week. (Think M,W,F one week T,T the next.)

This girl is inspiration behind the challenge. (She started it a few years back.) PS. Her blog is Ah-mazing and her style is too! 


Fall Transitions.

With fall right around the corner I'm getting sad that some of my favorite summer pieces have to go on the back burner until next year. Don't get me wrong I love fall and all the weather it brings but summer and I have a very very deep bond while autumn and I have a very unhealthy love hate thing going on. (I've never said fall is my favorite season, I've said it's one of my favorites.)

I think that's what brought on this giant does of window shopping that I've been indulging in lately. I keep falling back on some of my summer dresses and skirts thinking how can I take you into fall with me? Fall has a very specific color story that is very different from summer so it can be hard but I think I found a few ways that I might be able to pull of summer-y things a little while longer. 

 I love floral dresses no matter what time of year. Adding a cardigan within the fall color story makes your summer dress flow into autumn seamlessly. Add some chestnut brown booties or heels and you've got yourself a killer autumn outfit.

 Like most people when fall comes around I pull out a sweater or two. With this look if you wear a flowy skirt in the mustard, maroon or navy blue you can keep the summery feel while still embracing fall. With any skirt I think flats are a safe bet but if you want a little heel add a little bootie to your feet. I personally like matching my shoes to my the color or texture of my top.
This transition tip is something I touched on in Crisp & Clean. If you have a light, lace longer sleeved dress you can stick some chestnut boots underneath and create this very beautiful yet rustic feel.
 My Personal Fashion Tip #1: Wear shorter boots with longer dresses. For me, I've found that longer hem lines with shorter boots keep a conservative look.
 My Personal Fashion Tip #2: Please don't wear your everyday UGG's with theses. You can wear UGGs just not your everyday to day ones. They tend to become dingy and worn very fast. I personally love these ones

What are you favorite fall transition tip? I think I love the sweater & a skirt tip the most. Have a great Wednesday. -Jess. 



(picture here)
♥ Sometimes the itty bitty ones mean more than a million big ones. ♥


If I had all the money....

I would probably buy all the clothes I could. Greedy, oh yes but oh so true. Here is one of those outfits I would buy immediately. What would you buy if you had all the money in the world? Have a great Friday, Jess.


What If your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend's Boyfriend?

Can I be honest with you all and not get rocks thrown at me? Yes? OK, I read more lovey-dovey novels than anything else. Sue me for poor taste; I would gladly settle that out of court. 
Something Like Fate is one of those books. Lani, a smart, loyal and cautious best friend jumps in head first into a relationship with none other than her best friend, Erin’s boyfriend. When I first picked up this book my first thought was; scandalous and Lani is a five letter word starting with a “B”. But after I did my random page check (anybody remember those from elementary school) I fell in love with Lani’s guilt and torn thoughts.

When Lani and Jason meet she sees a spark and knows immediately that it’s wrong but it doesn’t stop her from falling for him. After Erin conveniently goes off to summer camp, Jason and Lani start growing closer, causing Lani to become worried. She chalks it up as fate and every other superstitious or factious reasoning. It works for a while too until Erin comes home from camp and discovers their dirty little secret. But here’s the catch; when Erin comes home Jason and her are no longer together. He broke up with her for Lani. Lani and Erin go through what most BFF’s would if they just stole your boyfriend. And in the end they all end up happy, in a strange teenager way.

I enjoyed this book more than I did the first time I read it (this was the second time). I’ve got a sore spot for romance novels and I’ve read enough to say that this one was sweet like candy. I recommend this to anyone who’s OK with sappy, heart tearing, teenage love.

PS. The Author is Susane Colasanti and you can read a expert here
xoxo Jess. 


Hair Crushes

I haven't got a serious hair cut since I was heading into sixth grade and a friend did it. After that I've been terrified of the hair dresser doing it wrong. I love my hair. I love the length and I don't want it to suddenly go away. It's kinda crazy right? I'm not thinking of changing my hair anytime soon (read: never in a million years) but I can't help but create hair inspiration. Using a few of my favorite bloggers and some stars who've got stunning hair.
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess
Kinsey from Sincerely Kinsey.

There you have it, a little taste of my hair inspiration. Who's your hair inspiration? I'd love to see it.  xoxo Jess.  


A Look Inside My Makeup Bag.

Although I'm a girly girl I don't own much makeup. Some of the girls I know could make a Sephora  store out of their makeup. I like to keep my makeup simple, it saves time and I don't have to worry about messing up. I don't carry a makeup bag around but I do keep mascara and my Softlips in my purse.
What I Use Daily: Almay TLC 16 hour makeup in Ivory, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Posie Glow, Cover Girl Eye Enhancer in Country Woods, Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof in Classic Black, Softlips in Strawberry or Vanilla (not pictured) and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Strawberry. 
Essie Nail Polish Colors: Play Date and Peach Daiquiri 
These two are my favorite pieces of makeup. I have nothing but good things to say about the mascara. It's amazing!! My eye shadow is probably what I spend the most time on in the morning and I don't mind because these colors are great!  


Fashion Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her love life, story-telling singing and record breaking. The girl is 22 and has accomplished more than most country stars will in their whole career. While all that is fine and dandy my favorite thing about Miss Swift is her style. She’s influenced by vintage but isn’t afraid to incorporate modern trends into an outfit. I will be the first to admit that if I’m stuck on outfit planning she’s one of the celebrities I use for inspiration. 

(All Photos From Here)
Also can I just say how much I love her hair, curly or straight. What do you love about Taylor Swift's style. xoxo Jess. 


Autumn Purse Dreams

As my mind starts to drift into "fall mode" I'm thinking it's time for a new bag. The one I carry around I've had since April of last year. I need a new and have been trying to find one I really love for a very long time without much success. Here are a few purses that I really love and wouldn't mind retiring my black one for.

Buy These Purses: 1 2 3 4 5 6

What are your Autumn purse dreams? xoxo Jess. 


Etsy Love

As summer starts to wind down my mind is getting into fall mode. Back to school, weekly dance classes(!!!), awesome bruises on my poor hips and cooler weather is basically what fall consists of for me. I'm not arguing, I enjoy most of that. Today though I'm talking about my fall crushes or things I really, really want for fall!!
 These dresses from When Decades Collide are seriously swoon worthy. The one on the left is the one I really love. Navy blue is my fall staple!
Turquoise is one of my favorite colors. I found this adorable ring a few nights ago  while I was window shopping. I should have added it to yesterday's beach inspired outfit but I forgot about it till this morning.
I want this for back to school. The colors are perfect!

Every girl needs a fun wristlet. 
Just a little fun print.

What are you loving Etsy right now? xoxo Jess.  


Friendship Day

Yesterday was National Friendship Day and I have three close friends that I think of Melissa a girl I met a few days before first grade, Moe a girl I've known since kindergarten and Anissa a girl I met in second grade. Today Anissa and I hung out and let me tell you I missed her a bunch. We weren't in any classes together our first year of high school, so the only time we saw each other was Tuesday night dance class when all I wanted to do was practice Acro. Suffice to say we haven't seen each other in forever. And I personally missed her, she's a bundle of laughs. 

I'm Wearing: Top and Tank Top: Hollister Shorts: Target Shoes: Bargain Shop in Canada
I'm Wearing: Lace Tank Top: Charlotte Russe Tank Top and Shorts: Target Shoes and Socks: Payless
Today I found out that yesterday was National Friendship Day from my friend. Jessica and I have been friends since second grade. We've been friends ever since but this past year, our Freshman year in high school, we didn't have classes together. Luckily we dance with each other, but that was the only time I was able to see her. Needless to say I was super excited when she asked me to hang out. I'm glad we were actually able to hang out for once, since it has been so long. -Anissa
Have a great Monday. What did you do for Friendship Day? (If of course you knew about it.)  xoxo Jess.


Life Magazine's Remembering Marilyn 50 Years Later.

A couple weeks back I was with my dad at Target and right before we were about to check out I spotted Life Magazine's Remembering Marilyn Monroe 50 years later. Naturally I begged my dad to buy it for me, because I'm a little Marilyn obsessed. I have a read a few books on Marilyn and this one is just as informative of some of the 700+ pages books I've read.


Piper Perabo's Annie Walker from Covert Affairs.

For me there are two things that can make me fall in love with a TV show. 1. The story line or 2. The wardrobe of the character's. It's hard for me to find a show I love with both of those things so when I first saw Covert Affairs I did a little dance in my seat. Annie and her best friend Auggie kick major butt around the world and inside their personal lives. Being CIA hasn't stopped her from maintaining an amazing wardrobe though. Don't take my word for it, take a look yourself.

For information on where to get some of Annie's outfits visit Possessionista. And make sure to see this post just because the name of Parker's dress. Hilarious(: Jess. 


Instalove. ♥

I'm not sure what I love more, Bonnie's amazing style or her personality. I find myself having to refraining from liking every single on of her pictures.  
Kelli is an artist who I've been a fan of for a little while now. Her pieces are amazing and what's even better is the way she captures her daily life. 
I love the way Steffy captures her daily life. Some days it's a simple outfit picture other days it's things like imitating a cat painting. All in all her pictures make me smile!
Emily has the sweetest style and her pictures are just perfect. And the food pictures she takes makes you want it, even if you know you don't like it. haha! 

These are just a few of my favorite instagrammers. To see my Instagram fed click here or follow me @jessicas_wonderland. Jess.