Another Year Well Spent!

This past week I was preparing for one of my favorite things in the entire world, my beloved dance recital. Saturday was the close of our two night recital and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The studio I dance at is like my second home, I spend on average 5 hours there weekly. That’s not a lot compared to some of the other girls at the studio but to me it’s a big chunk of my time. I have developed great friendships with all the girls I dance with and I really enjoy spending my time at the studio working on everything aerial barrel turns to receiving life lessons from Miss Terrie, the owner and instructor.

At the beginning of this year I was given a choice to either act like the big girl I am or to forever be relying on the teachers to get the job done. I became the big girl Miss Terrie always knew I was. When January came around and it was time to start my solo, I was told that I was doing a very good job. That made me all warm and fuzzy inside, dancing is my first love. We are going on 10 years!!! By late May I started realizing the changes myself, I saw that I was no longer relying on others to perform but myself. I was taking the time to practice, write all things and take any advice to better myself in all my classes. I became confident in everything I was doing.

On Monday last week I had rehearsals for my solo. My choreographer has been there for me ever since I started dancing at the age of 5. Miss Laurie and I were joking as I was walking up to the stage, then I came out and honestly said “I’m nervous.” She being the most amazing and supportive teacher said “What for? You know this.” I messed up big time; I forgot where I was because I was ahead of the music (always my problem.) I walked off stage in full tears, I was mad at myself. While I was running up the aisle to get my water I heard 5 or 6 moms say “Great job, Jess!” I got back on stage and everything fell apart I walked up to Miss Laurie and started crying even harder.

Sometime after I was sitting on the ground with Miss Terrie on my feet and Miss Laurie behind my right shoulder, they told me the same thing those knowing moms told me. Miss Terrie and Miss Laurie also gave me the best advice I’ve ever received and I hold that dearly. Without them caring I would have fallen apart a very long time ago.  I did my solo both nights this year and nailed it on Saturday. I was a grinning fool after I walked off. I was proud that I accomplished the hardest thing I’ve ever been taught.

Saturday came to an end and I came home with bruises the size of baseballs on my hips, quarter sized bruises on my knees and a very nasty looking bruise on my right foot that I’m not sure how I got. Overall it was a great recital. I’m anxious for next year; I can’t wait to see what our theme is. This year thought me things I never dreamed of learning, in dancing and in life. I’m truly grateful to have teacher who really care and are there for me when I need them.  

Thank you Terrie George’s Dance Theatrics for another wonderful year! See you in September.

Take a look at some backstage pictures I managed to snap.

 It's Hannah's last year, we've taken ballet and Jazz together ever since she came to our studio. L

Happy Monday. xoxo Jess! 

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