Kissing Adrien

Imagine, you're in Paris with your high school crush. You spend everyday for a month with him and just when you think you're OK with just being friends he does something that sweeps you off your feet. Bam, that's what happens when your high school crush is a charismatic, overly intelligent business man. This is precisely what happens to Claire Le Noyer in Kissing Adrien.

Claire a 30 year old girl from Seattle finds her high school summer crush and falls for him all over again but it isn't as pretty as it seems. Nothing runs smoothly and the circumstances that brought Claire to Paris aren't exactly ideal. Adrien is a quick witted, intelligent French business is Claire's high school summer crush. The big draw back to all of Adrien's perks is that he uses them to be a player. Almost half of Paris has seen him or at least that is what Claire says. Against her better judgement though she keeps falling head over heels for Adrien.

This was a pure "chic lit" book. It was very sappy and perfect for curling up with a cup of tea. I honestly enjoyed all of it even if I did get very very mad at certain points.

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