Fashion Inspiration: Kate Reed From Fairly Legal

I take a law class at school. It’s as boring as you’re thinking it is but I love it. I think the reason I love it so much is the cast of people that are in the class with me. They are hilarious and entertain you for hours (Even though I’m only there for 43 minutes). Even though I know that some, actually most of the crime/legal shows are very far-fetched I can't help myself. I absolutely love Fairly Legal. I don’t know what is more appealing, Kate’s need to help everyone and save the world or her amazing wardrobe.

Kate Reed wears a lot of red purple and blue. Two of those colors I love, the other goes in my swoon worthy category. Kate is a mediator who ends up getting way too involved in each of her cases. This usually results in her running half way around San Fran to get her job done in time. Nobody really wants to hear the wrath of Lauren or Ben’s terribly annoying comments. (I actually am finally starting to like him). Her wardrobe is amazing. If I could I would raid it.I am really fond of her Burberry coats, they're amazing. My favorite thing about Kate’s wardrobe is that she’s sensible and can still have heads turn when she walks into the room. And the thing I hate about her is how awesome her hair is. 

Look at just how amazing her wardrobe is!!

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