Why We Broke Up.

No, I'm not going to write a 354 page letter to you. I am going to tell you why I fell in love with the book Why We Broke up by Daniel Handler.
Ed Slaterton and Min Green are two different sides of a coin; a non-compatible coin.  Min who according to Ed is artsy and "different" is not she is like every other girl in high school who is falling for the Basketball team's Co-Captain. Ed is the Co-Captain of the basketball team and lives to live up to stereotypes set in high school. No wonder why they didn't last. 
I’ll be honest; I’m a total book nerd. I will read anything no matter how long or boring it may seem. Why We Broke Up is 354 pages long and I called it my mini textbook while I was reading it. The length of the book isn’t what you should judge it by or the fact that there are some pretty awesome pictures for everything Min pulls out of the box that she is giving to Ed. What you should judge it by is the fact that the Author Daniel Handler and the Artist Maira Kalman dug through their own personal breakups to develop this wonderful book about a terrible break up.
I fell in love with this book immediately. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did; I only bought it because the personal stories on the back by other authors were terribly cute and honest. Min Green fell in love with the wrong guy, Sara Shepard was heartbroken when her boyfriend moved to Chicago, Carolyn Mackler had her heartbroken her senior year in park outside of town. I hope I never have a heartbreak as tragic as Min’s, but hers has taught me that I can sulk, but I have to live up to my end of the deal; Don’t let it become the only thing on your mind, indulge yourself in the things you used to do before you had your heart broken and find the girl you used to be before he ever stomped into your life.

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