Fashion Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Catherine “Kate” Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is certainly one of the best people to look at for fashion inspiration. Last year on April 29th she finally became the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William. I will admit to (trying to) not going to sleep the night/morning of the royal wedding because I wanted to see it. Her dress left me speechless, it was elegant, modern and oh so beautiful. After that I started to pay a close attention to what she wore. (It sounds stalkerish doesn’t it?) I fell in love with her style but what Canadian wouldn't. (Yes, I’m Canadian!! My mom and brother were born there and I have dual citizenship.) I absolutely adore her style. I wish I had her closet but what girly girl doesn’t? My favorite thing about her style is that she’s not always in dresses and those crazy hat things (I don’t know the name of them. Sorry). Sometimes you can see her dress like a regular person in skinny jeans and a nice blouse, that’s refreshing. Oh and I forgot to mention all the times she and her husband have matched. (How cute!) I still want her wardrobe and maybe to raid her closet.

Take a look at Kate's amazing yet adorable outfits. 

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