Top Five Favorite Outfits!

Well it's NYE and we're closing out the year here on Jessica's Wonderland with a collection of my top five favorite outfits.

Here's to 2013! xoxo Jess. 

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Winter Wonderland.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I spent mine in the best way I could ever imagine. I was surrounded by those who I love dearly. This year especially, I’m so grateful to be able to spend the holidays with my family. In my family we all make it a priority to spend Christmas together, no matter what. I think that’s the reason I have the fondest of memories from Christmas, everyone was there.
[Photos taken by the lovely Cat Brennan (My brother's girl friend)]
On Monday night it snowed! A pretty white blanket of snowed adorned my lawn when I looked out the window. I’ve been waiting for snow since December 1st and it makes it so great that it came on Christmas Eve. It made Christmas day that much more enjoyable. This outfit fit perfectly with the weather. I picked this on purpose when I went shopping with my mom hoping it would snow.
Everything about this outfit is just so pretty. My top is reminds me of a winter fairytale and paired with my jeans that just makes me believe that more. My top also blends in with the snow; it’s got little white puff balls that just scream snow! I wanted to keep my whole outfit neutral so I opted for my new Pink & Pepper loafers! I think they tied in the outfit perfectly, don’t you? Again, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and family. xoxo Jess.
I'm Wearing:
 Top: Charlotte Russe
Pants: Target
 Coat: Modcloth

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Giving Tree Performance Snapshots.

I've been talking about this since October and now it's over. Our annual giving tree performance has come and gone. Our hard work has paid off and we pleased the ones we sought out to. We also loved seeing the kids faces when they opened their gifts. Pictured above is the full cast. Here are a few snapshots from rehersal taken by some of the moms. 
Miss Amanda during her solo. 
Tap dancers during rehearsals!
We had Christmas zombies! Funniest thing ever. The little kids were 50/50 with it.  (From backstage we saw little kids with their ears covered and others who weren't phased by dancing zombies.)
The little ones in the beginning of our acro number during rehearsal  (I believe they were doing backchest rolls at this moment. haha.) 
Elbow stands during rehearsals! (One of my favorite tricks ever. )
Giving Tree Cast (And Miss Terrie) introducing themselves to the children of PS 30. 
Full Giving Tree cast with the 5th graders of PS 30 after we handed out their presents!! 
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Glitter Pizazz

If you're going out and about this year to a Christmas party or a New Year's Eve celebration glitter and sparkles are a must. I love glitter and sparkles, It's one of the best things about being a dancer. I put together a few of my favorite glittery things in hopes of getting you inspired with your NYE or Christmas party outfits! 


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Rockin' around the Christmas Tree: Holiday Playlist

While I'm off dancing for children I thought you guys would enjoy my holiday playlist. All of these have a special place in my heart and a few of these are featured in our show today, how fun! What's your favorite holiday song? [I "Where Are You Christmas"]

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Three Cheers!

I've got this weird feeling right now because all of my Christmas gift shopping and making is done and it's not even Christmas eve. I have this terrible thing were I wait and have to settle when I but gifts but this year I decided to make gifts for those I was giving them to. And I do have to toot my own horn and say that I think they look pretty amazing. Also tomorrow is the day of the Christmas performance I'm doing for elementary school kids. I'm still really excited. This is something fun for the kids and fun for us. I'm excited!!
This outfit involves one of my favorite ways to wear sweaters, on top of the skirt. This sweater is from American Eagle last year. I bought it in Canada on my annual shopping day with my cousin, Kristy. It's one of the warmest, cutest and simplest swearers I own. Paired with this skirt I think it creates something perfectly sweet. What do you think? xoxo Jess
[Can you see Snuggles in the first picture?!?!]

I'm Wearing: 
Sweater: American Eagle
 Skirt: Forever 21
  Shoes: Gift from Aunt Last Year 
I'm also wearing Capeizo 
suntan ultra soft tights because
 it gets cold here in buffalo. (:
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Happy Wednesday & 12/12/12! I thought that this outfit would be a cute little follow up of sort to yesterday’s how to wear white in winter post. That silly rule, in my eyes, is only for people over 50. (My mom is now included in that little group. Yesterday was her 50th birthday!!!) I’ve gotten used to getting looks from those people whenever I break one of their “set in stone” rules but sometimes I think that this one in particular irks them a bit too much.
[I'm Wearing: Top and Jeans: Kohl's, Tank Top: Aero (old), Shoes: Gift, Gold Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Elephant Necklace: Gift from my dad] 
I saw this shirt a Kohl’s by accident, it was behind three other tops and smushed between something very ugly. I surprised I even noticed it at all. I really love everything there is about this top. The peplum is adorable and if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a sucker for lace. The only complaint I have about this top is that if I place my hands where it cinches, I brings the whole top up. It can be easily fixed but it’s still quite annoying.
 It’s only two weeks till Christmas and exactly one week until the Christmas show I’m doing (with dance) for children in Buffalo. I think I’m more excited for this performance than I usually am for our annual recital. For our annual recital I’m almost always so nervous but for this performance I’m OK. I think it has to do with who our audience is, children. They’re usually too engrossed in the “cool” stuff we’re doing to notice if we’re on the right foot, did the right turn or step ball changed the correct way. But that’s OK; I don’t dance to be judge. First and foremost I dance to please myself then I dance to entertain others but rarely for the sake of judgment.

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White in Winter

Happy Tuesday! Today I thought I'd share some ways to wear white into winter.
If you add winter colored tights and knit cardigans to outfits like these would make them perfect for winter!  [Third Picture From Here]
Mara of M Loves M adds a fur coat and emerald green tights
 With sleeved dresses I like to add just a cardigan. If I'm worried that my legs may get cold I'll add a pair of my Capeizo tights. [Top Picture/Bottom Picture]
This combination keeps everything classic

How do you/would you wear white into winter? 
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Christmas List

Hey everybody it’s 18 days till Christmas! Have you gotten all of your shopping done? No? Me either, I’m a huge slacker in that department I always shop up until the last minute sometime I've even had to go out on Christmas eve. Not fun! I wanted to share this cute little wishlist I made of things I want for Christmas.

[Click Picture To Enlarge If Needed]
Kelli Murray Print- I've been say this every time I include one of her prints in a wishlist but I’ll say it again, I adore her work. It’s all so beautiful. This print is just so cute that I might buy it myself.

Cat Ears Ring- Oh my! My inner cat lady is in full view, I love this ring. It’s quirky yet still cute.

Bow Ring- Almost like polka dots bows are another one of my obsessions. This Kate Spade ring is so cute and I think it would look equally as cute on my finger.

White Knit Sweater- Some days you want to spruce up your winter attire, the sweater and jeans can be a bit repetitive but with a sweater like this one you have a way of spicing it up!  

Blue Polka Dot Cardigan-Lace and polka dots, this cardi was made for me! (It's really embroidered but shhh!) 

Blue Knit Cardigan- I've been looking for a cardigan that’s like this one for what seems like forever now. It’s perfect.

Tweed Booties & Gold Shoes- I have been lusting over these two pairs of shoes for months, I just haven’t felt the need for either of them. But it’s now winter and New Year’s is right around the corner. Yay boots and hello glitter!

Black Purse- Here’s a little story for you: the purse I have now is almost two years old. I've had it for so long that I can’t find a purse I love that isn’t just like it. This one would be a great change but would keep me inside my comfort zone for purses. Yep, I have a purse comfort zone. Go ahead laugh!  

Polka Dot Kate Spade Wallet: Just like my purse my wallet is probably the oldest accessory I own to date. It's really funny, because when I bought my simple black wallet I never imagined getting attached to it. I love this one thought, polka dots are my thing and they make me smile!

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My very own...

You guys seemed to love my little post about ugly, ugly Christmas sweaters I decided to showcase one of my own. (Also if you’re wondering I really loved numbers 1, 6 and 7).  This sweater I picked up last week when my family went grocery shopping. It was a cute surprise; I really love it, even if it is a bit untraditional. I mean 3 Rudolphs? Really?
[I'm Wearing: Ugly Christmas Sweater: Walmart, Jeans: Kohls, Shoes: Payless, Scarf: Gift, Bow Headband: Forever 21 and Coat: SEARS]
This morning when I woke up it was like having whip-lash. Yesterday was a beautiful 60 degrees and today I was freezing while walking home, because its only 37 degrees out. I really live in the land of bi-polar weather. Right now though I’d love for it to snow, there is something about snow that’s so calming and makes me want to drink oodles of tea and read a great book.
This week has been considerably dull in comparison. The Christmas performance cast (at dance) doesn't have rehearsals until the 16th when we have a full cast run through. I’m getting really excited for our performance on the 19th; it’s really great to do something like this for little kids. Are you guys doing anything fun for others during these holidays?

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Ugly, Ugly Sweater!

Whenever December rolls around all I can think of wearing are ugly Christmas sweaters.  You can’t have the holidays without ugly Christmas sweaters. Of course not all of the Christmas sweaters are actually ugly, they’re just cutesy but you can’t have a cutesy Christmas sweater. It just isn't right! Take a look at some of my favorite ugly Christmas sweaters! Which one’s your favorite?

[Buy these "ugly" sweaters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7]

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In 25 days I will be waking up to the pretty sight of presents wrapped underneath a lit tree. I'm excited! I'm counting down! The holidays are always the best time of year. Food, family, gifts and of course stories that make you a ball of laughter. I have this love for Christmas time that's irreplaceable. I can't believe it's already December 1st. Yay! Eeep!
[I'm wearing: Sweater: Target (last year), Shirt: Really Really Old, Jeans: Kohls and Shoes: Gift From Aunt (last year)]
Since Thanksgiving I've been sick. Yuck! I've had a terrible ear infection and having that feeling really seems to put a damper on getting dressed and taking pictures. I've actually been wanting to take pictures since Wednesday but because of all the extra stuff that has been going on I haven't been able to. It feels nice to be writing and taking pictures again, I've never thought I would enjoy posing in front of a camera and tripod. See what bloging has done to me! :p
I hope you all had a great day! xoxo Jess.

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As a cold weather native I prefer to wait as long as possible before pulling out my boots. I immediately think of winter when I think of boots not fall like most people. But since it’s November I thought I could share my favorite boots and booties. (Boots coming to you soon)

[Buy These Shoes: 1/2/3/4/5]
I love, love, love the sparkly ones. I’ve got a thing with sparkly shoes right now! What are your favorite booties right now?

Stay tuned for a boots love wishlist coming your way soon. xoxo Jess

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En Pointe.

I'm as late as ever sharing this but I kinda wanted to wait until it was after my family celebrated Thanksgiving. Mainly because there's this unspoken rule in my mind that says: don't do anything that has to do with winter until after thanksgiving. Otherwise November doesn't get it's time to shine. On to the lookbook/eye candy.
Ruche created this lookbook that really makes my heart swell. 
I've been dancing since I was a wee 5 years old and it's my first love that's never given up on me. I have this love/hate relationship with dancing in the media. Usually what they capture seems to be geared toward the negative effects dancing can have on your mind, body and soul. They're good things too and I think that this lookbook shows that. It might be just a photoshoot with multiple dancers but it does show that sometimes it is a bit glamorous and sparkly. I love that and that is what keeps me coming back to dance. It does get ugly but if you're doing it right the bad will outweigh the good.
[All pictures from Ruche's lookbook En Pointe]

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